Shelter’s Fattest Cat Finally Gets Adopted, Promises To Shed Off Extra Pounds

The Jacksonville Humane Society

Nobody thought that this overweight cat will get so much attention and become everyone’s apple of the eye. People have been lining up to give her a forever home – what a lucky kitty!

Meet the Florida’s Jacksonville Humane Society favorite babe, Faye!

The Jacksonville Humane Society

Following a short stint at the animal shelter, the 24-pound cat just found a new owner that is willing to give her unlimited TLC and a forever home.

Anybody who has been to the Jacksonville Humane Society center definitely knows Faye. She is hard to miss with her adorable eye-catching size and she knows how to make a good impression to anyone.

Photos of her were a hit online after the shelter decided to post a series of pictures on social media. Despite not being the most cooperative model for a photo shoot, her pictures were shared hundreds of times on the Jacksonville Humane Society’s Facebook page.

The Jacksonville Humane Society

The beautiful feline was rescued by the group after her first owner could no longer take care of her, which is pretty strange since the cat clearly had no shortage of food at her last home. Faye weigh-in at 24 pounds when she arrived at the shelter, making her the chubbiest cat they ever had at the rescue center.

“We have had a few other cats around 18 to 20 pounds in recent years but Faye tips the scale,” a shelter spokesperson told The Dodo.

Despite her size, Faye is one of the most affectionate cats ever! This could be one of the reasons why it’s not hard to fall for her – she’s just so lovable!

The Jacksonville Humane Society

Although Faye is the cutest, getting a grip on her can be pretty challenging for her new owner.

“It’s like holding the world’s most adorable medicine ball!” the shelter said.

Her new owner could no longer wait another day to bring Faye home.

The Jacksonville Humane Society

“Her new mom drove over two hours to be first in line,” the shelter revealed. “She said she felt an instant connection — they were very excited.”

The new owner has to make sure that Faye gets back on track to a healthier figure. She should be able to lose the extra weight through regular exercises and a better diet.

“Faye’s first night in her new home”

Faye is beautiful and we are glad that she found a forever home!

Visit the shelter on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the Jacksonville Humane Society and see if you can find a dog or a cat perfect for you to adopt.

Faye looks perfect with her new family.

fat cat
The Jacksonville Humane Society

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