Shelter’s Last Kitten Begs Woman To Take Her Home By Reaching Out To Her


A shelter kitten watched all other cats get adopted as she waits patiently for another potential adopter to pick her up. When a woman stopped by at the center, the tiny kitten got excited and started to reach out through the bars to get her attention.

The kind-hearted woman was Rhiannon, who decided to go to a local animal shelter to make a donation. However, he went home with a tiny kitten who captivated her heart.

Meet the Winnie the shelter kitten!


“I walked into the front entrance and noticed that the main cages were empty except for one. There was a little cowering baby in the back corner, and as soon as I touched the bars of the cage, she meowed and perked up,” Rhiannon told Love Meow.

All the cats at the shelter had already been adopted except for Winnie. Her feral mother died when she was born leaving her at the shelter. Volunteers had high hopes that the adorable kitten will soon be adopted a few weeks after she was born. Luckily, Rhiannon saved the day and provided the sweet kitten the opportunity to live in a forever home.


“I love cats and have been wanting one for years, so I finally took that plunge after my family agreed,” Rhiannon said.

When the young woman stepped out of the room to process the adoption papers, the cat started to cry in fear that she might not adopt her.

“She went crazy and reached through the bars and meowed very loudly until I came back.”

Not only did Winnie find a forever home that day, she found a mother that would love her unconditionally.


After a few hours familiarizing her new place, The former shelter kitten quickly adjusted and got comfortable.


“She weighs a mere 0.8 lbs but makes up for it in her fiery little personality.”

“She’s part Siamese, so a little cross-eyed. She loves head and butt scratches, and has already taken two naps.”

tiny kitten shelter

Winnie will never be alone again. She will never spend another day at the shelter, ever…

She’s home and she knows it!

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H/T: LoveMeow