Shy And Hungry Feral Cat Bullied By Other Kitties Until Rescuers Showed Her Love


This adorable cat was bullied and once an outcast of a feral colony until kind-hearted people rescued her and showed her what unconditional love really means.

Bubbles used to live with several feral cats in her early years in life. She was living in fear and hunger and if not because of the good people who saved her, she would have spent all of her life without knowing what love is.


“The tiny cat was the outcast of a feral cat colony. The other cats took to pummeling our little girl, preventing her from eating,” Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey, said.

The cross-eyed kitty was petrified around people and other cats when she first came to the shelter. She was thin, malnourished and hungry for some love and affection.

The volunteers quickly began to socialize Bubbles with other cats and everyone at the shelter started to show him lots of TLC.

After a few weeks, Bubbles started to open up and began allowing the volunteers to pet her. Slowly, she began to trust humans and treat them as her friends.

Despite a rough start in life, Bubbles has become a confident and playful kitty. She loves to be around cats and socialize with every human she encounters.

After a few months at the Shelter, Bubbles the once shy feral cat has finally been put up for adoption. Fortunately, the rescue center was able to find a perfect family for her who is willing to provide unlimited love and affection for her.

Bubbles is no longer the same scaredy cat when he first arrived at the shelter. She has a home now and a family who treats him like she is one of them.

 “She may have crossed eyes, but Bubbles sees clearly now: life is beautiful.”

Bubbles is so sweet!

Here’s a video of Bubbles demanding dinner.

She “shows just how shy she ISN’T in her forever home. Let her serenade you with her “feed me now” meows.”

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