7 Signs Telling You Your Cat Is Happy


Cats are fussy and quirky – and those are the qualities that make them lovable. Owners want to make sure that their cats receive the love they deserve. When your cat is happy, you’ll know for sure. But sometimes, there are those who can’t tell if their beloved feline friend is enjoying its life with a human. Here are 7 ways to tell if your cat is happy.

1. Tail signals

Tails are great indicators if your cat is happy. If your fluff ball is holding his tail high up, it only means he’s confident being where he is. The tip of his tail will also help you know if he is happy, in which a twitched tip means he is delighted to see you.

2. Slow blinking

When a cat slowly blinks, it means he or she likes you enough to trust you. You are another creature and the cat closing her eyes while you’re around only means that she’s comfortable being with a different being. Furthermore, a slow blink or if the cat looks at you with his eyes half-closed, it only means she is showing her affection.

Your cat is happy if he makes that purring sound

3. Purring

This is probably the easiest way to tell if your cat is happy around you. According to feline behavior experts, purring is a way for a cat to tell his human that everything is okay. That’s not to say that purring is limited only to affection. It can also mean other things like telling other cats that they are not aggressive.

4. Spot the ears

Ears that are pointing straight up means that your cat is being interested and alert. If positioned slightly forward, that’s your cat’s way of telling you he’s happy and he’s in the mood to play.

5. Body signals

If your cat’s back is arched, she is happy – given that her fur is not standing up. At the same time, if your cat exposes his belly to you, it is a sign of happiness. That and other signals like the ones mentioned above would be great signs that your cat is happy.


6. Kneading

Cats tend to knead and it’s such a fun behavior that has been given different names. However cat owners like to call it, a kneading cat is a happy cat. That behavior is associated with comfort and when cats do it, it means they feel safe.

7. Rubbing

You would find it flattering that your cat will rub its body against you, which is a sign that your feline friend is comfortable. But it’s actually the animal trying to mark their property – you! However you may see it, at least your cat thinks you are safe to be around with.

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[Featured Image by pikabum/Pixabay]

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