Smart Dog Waiting In The Car Had The Funniest Way OF Telling Owner To Hurry Up

Melissa Bailey

You never want to leave a smart dog in the car or else you’re going to get it!

A hilarious scene was captured when a dog honks a car horn to tell its owner to hurry up.

A woman witnessed an amazing scene outside a pizza shop in Altoona, Pennsylvania. When she saw a man got out of the car with four adorable dogs inside, she never expected something really funny was about to happen.

Melissa Bailey

“I saw four dogs pull into the parking (with their dad) as I was walking to my car. It was about 50 degrees outside on this November day in Pennsylvania,” Melissa Bailey recalls.

“I told their human that they sure looked happy. I decided to take a picture and as I was taking it, the one dog must have become tired of waiting.”

Melissa Bailey

“After the long honk, a man was walking to his car when he let out on more quick beep. The man looked at me as though it was me. I opened my window and told him it was the dog. He was shocked. He said he thought it was a man in a dog costume, hahah!!”

Melissa Bailey

When the new customer arrived and exited his car, the smart dog let out another honk.

“It wasn’t me!” she laughed. “It was the dog!” As though he was embarrassed, the little dog in the backseat sank down in the seat. “I thought it was a man in a dog suit,” the new customer said.

Looks over at person filming: What the hell do you want?

Melissa Bailey

That doggie in the driver’s seat is a smart one. We are pretty sure that the next time we will hear about him is that he learns how to drive.

Melissa Bailey

Watch the hilarious video below.

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