Pregnant Cat Arrives At Health Clinic Meowing For Help – This Is Why Cat Is The Smartest


Most animals are smarter than many of us humans give them credit for, and this pregnant cat is a perfect example of that.

A pregnant cat walks into a health center in a tiny province of Turkey, meowing for some help as she could no longer endure the pain from the contractions.

pregnant cat

The staff at the health center in Tatvan district opened the door for the cat to come in. However, they did not have the slightest idea what he is meowing about. Until they realize that the poor pregnant cat was in pain.

The kitty was already at the moment of extreme and intense labor but she is not able to deliver a single kitten. The nurse could not do anything as they were not trained to handle animals at the health center. Thinking that the cat was in danger, they contact the local veterinary doctor.

The pregnant cat was in a poor condition and in pain


The pregnant cat was taken to the Tatvan Municipality Stray Animal Neutering and Rehabilitation Center, where Doctor Sefer Durmuş performed a caesarean section or C-section.

“When we received the cat, she was in a poor condition and in pain. Because the time for her to give birth had passed, we had to urgently give her an operation,” said Durmuş.

The good doctor said that the mother cat gave birth to a total of four kittens and all are absolutely healthy. After the operation, the mother was in a stable condition and soon after she recovered completely from the labor.


The mother cat was just simply smart enough to go to a local health center after she realized that she needed some help to deliver her kittens.

Way to go, momma cat!

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H/T: hurriyetdailynews