Stray Cat Brings Adorable Tiny Surprise To Woman Who’s Been Feeding Her


Cats know those who are of pure heart who don’t hesitate to help animals in need. Just like the case of a stray cat that just knew where to find help for her tiny kitten. Like what most people say, cats choose their owners.

A young woman had been feeding stray cats and one of them just thought that she has a kind heart and she’ll be able to share it with those who need it. The stray happens to be a momma and she has a kitten that she brought to the woman who’s been feeding her.

This tiny kitten was brought to a young woman’s home by her momma.

Ottmarhitzfeld via LoveMeow

Reddit user Ottmarhitzfeld said that the cat refused to come inside the friend’s house so they set up a bed for the feline. The stray wasn’t planning on staying for long.

Sadly, the stray momma cat never returned and she decided to leave the kitten with the young woman for good.

Ottmarhitzfeld said that the friend brought the tiny thing to the vet and has been cared for very well, according to LoveMeow. The kitten was given a new bed to keep warm and has been receiving round-the-clock TLC.

The tiny one is named Floofy.

Ottmarhitzfeld via LoveMeow

It looks like Floofy is loving her new home and her family.

Stray cat drops her tiny kitten at a woman's house
Ottmarhitzfeld via LoveMeow

Floofy is indeed loved.

Ottmarhitzfeld via LoveMeow

He’s been given a warm bed to stay in.

Ottmarhitzfeld via LoveMeow

It remains to be seen what happened to the momma cat but the young woman has been waiting her to return. Floofy, in the meantime, will not have to worry about a thing because of the person who found him.

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h/t: LoveMeow

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