Badly Hurt Stray Cat Desperately Meowing Loudly For Help Rescued By A Complete Stranger


Walter Santi heard a cat meowing loudly at his door, so he went on to investigate without knowing that he was going to save a cat’s life that day. It was quite surprising for him to discover a stray cat outside in the middle of winter.

Stray Cat asking for help!

“On February 25, 2017 a stray cat came to our door, meowing very loudly,” wrote Santi. “His left rear leg was injured. We took him to the vet. The vet examined the cat and took X-Rays.”

“She said there was no bone damage in the left rear leg and that probably some other cat bit him in the leg and the wound got infected, hence the swelling. She also said there were some old wounds on the left side of his body and a bone fracture in his left front leg which probably happened weeks ago, hence the limping. But it had started to heal.”

“The vet started the antibiotic treatment and gave him some medication for internal and external parasites because there were lots of fleas and ticks on him ( Like he didn’t have enough problems. Damn you blood-sucking parasites!). The cat stayed at the clinic for two nights,” said Santi.

“On February 27, I went to the clinic again. After the cleansing, I took him home. And we continued the antibiotic treatment, we gave him intramuscular injections two times a day for 5 days. At first he couldn’t put any weight on his left rear leg. I cleansed the wound with antiseptics 3 times a day. He cleansed the wound with his tongue 30 times a day.”

Santi was surprised how quick the cat has recovered.

“Then he started to run,” wrote Santi.

“At the end of the five-day treatment, we went to the vet again. She said the wound looked fine and we stopped the antibiotics. The cat was ready to go outside because it was March and it was very difficult to keep him indoors so we let him out. Now he lives in our garden with other cats.”

After over a month, the lucky cat has shown complete recovery and is very happy with his adoptive family.

stray cat rescued

Thank you for helping this adorable kitty!

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Forty days later…

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