Stray Kitten Determined To Get Adopted Followed A Man And His Dog Home


An adorable kitten has just been adopted after he followed a man and his dog to their home. The little kitty has shown that determination can get him somewhere and now he has found a new family.

“Walking along our neighborhood, we found a stray cat that was determined to follow us home.”


YouTube user, ClevelandKitty, posted a video showing a kitten following them home. They named the little cat Pinot who is now living with her sister.


This is just so cute.


We just LOVE the way kittens run with their tail up!


“He has a forever home with my sister! Took him to the vet and he’s a healthy baby boy :)”

The cat have succeded in capturing the heart of this human and his adorable dog.


“We are so glad you’re enjoying this video! Pinot (that’s his name) is doing well even though he had a bad bout of ear mites and an infection,” said ClevelandKitty in the comments section. “His new mom and dad are taking him to get neutered soon… Bye, bye, balls 😭”

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Apparently, the cat and his newfound family have become instant celebrities as their story has already been viewed more than a million times. Good for them!

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