Stray Kitten Found Frozen On Window Sill Thought To Be Dead Until Rescuers Revived Her


A kind-hearted man named David discovered a tiny kitten frozen to a blanket on a window sill. He thought she was dead because she was not moving at all. Upon investigation, he realized that the little cat was alive so he immediately rushed her to the shelter where staff brought the kitten back to life.

Meet the miracle stray kitten, Elsa!

stray kitten
The Humane Society of Utah

Everyone at The Humane Society of Utah wondered how the cat survived the situation. The kitten was icy cold and there were all sorts of possibilities that the cat might develop a serious illness because of it.

“She had been discovered on a window sill in West Jordan, Utah, frozen to a blanket,” Humane Society of Utah’s Dean Shepherd said to Love Meow.

The Humane Society of Utah


The kitten who was about eight to ten weeks old during that time was definitely fighting for dear life; however, she was not about to give up. The tiny little thing was brave and staff at the center did everything they can to make sure she survives.

Until the stray kitten suddenly woke up and started to greet everyone. Although she suffered minor injuries, her temperature became normal.

The Humane Society of Utah

“We were not sure if she was going to make it through the evening but luckily she did. She is a bit skinny and suffered frostbite on the tips of her ears, but she is in good spirits.”

The sweet tiny cat loves to sing so people would notice her. Smart kitty!

The Humane Society of Utah

Elsa is now being taken good care by her foster family and everyone is making sure she completely recovers.

“She is eating wet food and seems to be doing well.”

The Humane Society of Utah

She will soon be spayed when she’s ready and will be put up for adoption. Everyone is positive that this cat will soon find a furever home and a family that will give her unlimited TLC.

The Humane Society of Utah

“I keep her in the same room I have my hedgehogs because she feels very cold still and this is the warmest room of the house,” foster mom Stephanie Beller told Love Meow.

Despite everything that she went through, Elsa is a loving and affectionate cat.

The Humane Society of Utah

“She is friendly and loves to headbutt my hands and knead with her little feet,” Beller added.

The Humane Society of Utah

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