Stray Kitten Asks Man For Food, Takes Over His Skateboard And Then Steals His Heart


Casey Shaw was out skateboarding one fine day when he saw a tiny, hungry little stray kitten. The little furball walked up straight to Shaw without any hesitation and asked for food. The young man didn’t expect that the kitten would steal his heart.

It’s hard to resist an adorable kitten like Margot so it’s easy to see why Shaw took the little one and cared for her. When Margot first came to Shaw, she was filthy and she was sniffling and sneezing.

Margot the stray kitten was asking for food.

Shaw and Margot’s meeting seemed as if it were meant to be. He picked her up and took her to safety just in time before a storm came in.

He then took Margot to the vet to have her checked.

Casey Shaw and Julie Lang

There, it was found that Margot had an eye infection, upper respiratory infection, and mites.

Casey Shaw and Julie Lang

But not to worry, Shaw was able to give everything that Margot needed to become healthier. In just a few days, the little stray looked better. It was believed that Margot would not have survived if she didn’t meet Shaw.


Who could ever resist this cuteness?

Casey Shaw and Julie Lang

Margot simply enjoys all the attention she gets.

Casey Shaw and Julie Lang

Shaw told LoveMeow:

“She’s now a very happy and playful cat in a loving home and I’m glad to be able to give her the life she deserves.”

The furball wants to tag along with her dad wherever he goes.

Casey Shaw and Julie Lang

Look at how Margot has transformed after some love and care with her new humans.

Watch the video below to see the good life she has after a year.

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