Stray Pup Found On the Roadside Gets To Witness His Humans Exchange Vows A Year Later

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Stray dog population in Greece has been a problem for many years, leaving so many dogs without a home.  Some of these street dogs can be lucky enough to survive the conditions outside, while others can’t make it. There are also those who have been fortunate enough to find a new family.

Stella is one of those street dogs that got a chance to go to a forever home. Her story was posted on SPAZ Greece Facebook page and it’s so beautiful it’s worth sharing. According to a translation provided by The Orphan Pet, Stella was found by famous DJ Yannis last summer along a highway.

Stella the stray pup was found in the middle of nowhere.

She was picked up and brought to Athens, where she received foster care.

The Orphan Pet

Yannis sought help from SPAZ to find Stella a new home. She did get an adoption ad but like many stray pups in need of new home, Stella’s got ignored.

But somehow, someone took notice of the black-tan mix.

The Orphan Pet

The few shares reached Pepi, who then went to visit and meet Stella. At that time Stella was with her then-boyfriend, Panos. The two instantly fell in love with Stella.

Stella went home with Pepi and Panos, finally!

The once-stray pup was scared at first but that’s normal as she was simply adjusting. The first few days, she wouldn’t want to move. But on the third day, she started to warm up to her new home.

She even started destroying the house piece by piece.

The Orphan Pet

Pepi and Panos have been patient with her, never giving up on loving the pup.

Stella even got to celebrate one of the most important events in Pepi and Panos’ life.

The Orphan Pet

A few days ago, Panos and Pepi tied the knot and Stella was there. She was great in helping her humans out during the big event.

Stella has definitely found the family who’ll love her no matter what.

The Orphan Pet

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Source: The Orphan Pet

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