Lonely Street Kitty Breaks Into Someone’s Car Desperate To Be Adopted


A lonely cat was so desperate enough to get adopted that he broke into a car. He spent all his life living as a stray but he knew exactly what he wanted – to be loved and given a warm place to stay.


His name is Leo. Locals in the area occasionally feed him but life on the street has not been good to him so he decided to take matters into his own paws.


Fortunately, the owner of the car decided to adopt the adorable cat and give him a furever home.

Burcu Emel

“He is handsome, handsome, bitchy, and the biggest cat I’ve ever seen. Leo is a child I recently owned. There’s a different story.”


Watch the video below:

We are glad that Leo the cat has finally found a family that will take care of him. Thank you so much, Burcu Emel.


“Leo knew what he wanted in life – someone to love him and a warm home. And, you won’t believe they lengths he will go to get it!”


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