Summer Tips For Cats: How To Keep Your Feline Safe and Comfortable During This Hot Season


Summer is fast approaching and it’s once again time to take some measures to make sure your cat is safe and comfortable during the hot days. With these quick summer tips for cats, you and your feline friend will enjoy the rest of the season.


You might worry about your cat’s coat this summer as it might make him feel heated. But during the hot season, your cat will likely shed off its fur. And what that also means is hairball season and you wouldn’t want your feline friend taken to the vet to extract a gigantic hairball from its stomach. That said, you need your cats groomed on a regular basis.


It’s easy for us to feel parched in the summer and the same thing goes for cats. They are encouraged to drink plenty of water during the hot season. Make sure that you have water readily available in different areas of the house. At the same time, get rid of unhealthy sources of water. Owners of senior cats should make hydration a priority in summer to save unexpected visits to the vet.

Familiarizing With Heatstroke

Getting familiar with different signs of heatstroke in cats is as important as observing measures to keep your cats cool in summer. Common signs include, but are not limited to a bright red tongue, pale gums, rapid panting, weakness, and vomiting (with or without blood). If you suspect your feline companion is a heat stroke victim, visit your veterinarian immediately.

These may be the simplest summer tips to make sure your cat is all good this summer, but remember that these creatures can maintain their cool in a number of ways:

  1. They conserve energy and keep their core temperature on the low by becoming more sluggish than usual.
  2. They drink more water than usual.
  3. They sleep more, so it’s no cause for concern if you see them snoozy all the time.

4. They know how to find a cool spot in your house.


5. They bathe themselves with their saliva.

Essendon Vet Clinic

While cats can do these things to keep their cool, they may still overheat, which can be dangerous. As a cat owner, it’s best to educate yourself with heat stroke and its symptoms.


Are you and your cat ready for summer?


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