Syrian Family Decided To Leave Everything Behind — But Not Their Cat

International Rescue Committee

The war in Syria has destroyed many homes since it started in 2011 and almost half a million people have lost their lives. There are about more than 10 million men, women, and children who fled the country to escape from the violence.

One family in Syria decided to leave everything behind and walk hundreds of miles across Turkey. Despite leaving everything behind, they never forgot to bring their cat along with them in their desperate act of survival.

International Rescue Committee

The cat was born in the middle of the violence and his mother was killed when a bomb landed nearby.

Fortunately, the poor kitten was pulled from the wreckage of a bomb-ravage house in the once beautiful city of Damascus. The people who saved him decided to give him a forever home.

They named the cat Tabboush, which means “chubby.”

International Rescue Committee

When they decided to leave Syria, they never hesitated to bring Tabboush with them. The adorable cat became the apple of the eye at the refugee camp and brought joy to the other people who are living in anguish.

“He eats with us, drinks with us, sleeps with us and wakes up with us,” they told International Rescue Committee (IRC), a group they met when they were at a migrant camp on the Greek border last spring.

International Rescue Committee

“He is my life,” one of the young girls in the family said. “I couldn’t live without Tabboush.”

Humanitarian workers have been looking for them since that meeting with the IRC. Unfortunately, they failed to find them; however, they wish that the family and their cat will finally find peace.

International Rescue Committee

“He is a part of the family,” the family said back in April. “We could never give him up.”

“The family found Tabboush in the rubble of a house in Damascus that had been destroyed by a bomb. Tabboush’s mother had been killed, so the family rescued him, still a kitten. When their life in conflict-stricken Yarmouk became unbearable, the family fled. They brought Tabboush with them.”

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Source: The Dodo

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