Tennis Balls Can Be Harmful For Your Dogs, Know A Better Alternative


Tennis balls have long been used as toys for dogs. It happens to be one of their favorite toys. Once you pick up the ball, it’s like your dog’s eyes glisten and there’s just that excitement that they cannot contain.

A tennis ball is the perfect thing to use to play fetch with your dog. While doing this exercise, it’s important to keep your dog’s safety in mind. However, tennis balls aren’t as safe for your canine friends as you think they are. It turns out that a dog’s favorite chew toy can bring problems to their teeth.

The American Veterinary Dental Society warns that abrasive toys like tennis balls will often wear out your dog’s premolars, or the smaller front cheek teeth, and the “back aspects of the canine teeth.”

Tennis balls aren’t as safe for your canine friends as you think they are.

Tennis balls can pose risks to your dog's dental health

Not only that, a tennis ball could kill your dog, especially when given to large dogs. In this case, the strong jaws of your large dog can compress the small ball and if’s compressed too hard, it will pop back open at the back of the throat, which will then cut off the air supply. This is what happened to Oprah Winfrey’s dog.

Tennis balls are considered cheap toys for your dog. For some, they wouldn’t want to deprive their dogs of their favorite toys. If you are confident enough about the safety of playing fetch with a tennis ball, you may let your dog keep it. Just keep in mind to keep balls that have been worn out from chewing.

Do not let your dog play with it unsupervised, especially if chewing is involved. If you happen to see your dog excessively chewing on his favorite tennis ball, check his teeth more often. After your fetch exercise, keep the balls out of reach of your dog to prevent accidents.

Do not let your dog play with a tennis ball unsupervised, especially if chewing is involved.

While tennis balls may be the most affordable and ideal toy for your canine friend, there are others that are much safer. Opt for smoother balls like the classic Kong; they don’t take away the fun in your game of fetch and they don’t pose a risk to your dog’s dental health, especially when excessive chewing is involved. There’s also this nearly indestructible fetch toy that you and your pooch might love.

That’s not to say that smooth balls come with zero risks. There’s still that danger of getting it lodged in their throat. So the most important thing to remember about playing with balls is to make sure you don’t leave your dog unattended.

h/t: OneGreenPlanet