Tiny Kitten Found Barely Hanging On, Gets Another Chance And Grows Up Beautifully

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When this feline family arrived at a local animal shelter, most of them needed a lot of help and immediate medical attention.

One of the kittens from the litter appeared to be getting weaker and thinner and couldn’t eat until a kind-hearted woman decided to come forward and rescue her.

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Hanna Shaw of Kitten Lady Rescue group was notified about a feline family that needed someone with a lot of experience in helping abandoned cats. Normally, Shaw only takes in orphaned kittens; however, after hearing their story, she decided to help.

Shaw immediately went to Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington D.C to see the cats. She was surprised to how emaciated and underweight the little runt was.

Meet Small Fry! She’s three weeks old and only weighs around 170 grams, which is normally the weight of a week old kitten.

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Small Fry is suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection, which prevented her to feed on her own. She also has anemia and a heart murmur.

“Small Fry was drastically smaller than her siblings…. She was really thin. I could feel her every rib,” Shaw said.

Despite her severe condition, the tiny furball appears to be the sweets of all the kittens.

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While everyone thought Small Fry was not going to survive, Shaw made it her life mission to get the tiny kitten back on her paws. She takes care of her round the clock, tube feeding the fragile little kitty.

tiny kitten
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“Between all of the medications, supplements, the nursing care and the tube-feeding, she started to feel a little better. Four days into this care I noticed something incredible. She was starting to try to nurse!”

“This was an absolute game changer. It meant that she was feeling well enough to breathe and want to eat. She was able to get all the great nutrients from her mother’s milk,” Hannah said.

Small Fry with her sister, Poutine!

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With love and affection from everyone around her, the tiny kitten started to recover after a few weeks. Along with her siblings, they were immediately put up for adoption.

“It isn’t easy to say goodbye to a foster kitten, but it’s a celebration when you’ve found them a loving home,” Hannah said. “There’s nothing more rewarding than giving a tiny kitten a chance at a full life.”

Small Fry and her sister are so happy to be with a loving family!

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“(This picture is) a pretty accurate representation of these two crazy potatoes,” human parents shared on Instagram.

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“I woke up to find them like this in the bathroom – their love for each other is unreal. Forget bear hugs – kitten hugs are where it’s at.”

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“The wild Small Fry in her natural habitat has slain her prey, a cardboard box. She is a ferocious hunter, killing several boxes each week primarily for pleasure.”

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“We’re so thankful to have these two fluffy nerds in our life, and for the amazing community of cat lovers and animal advocates that came with them,” their humans said.

“Hard to believe these goofy kittens are now one year old!”

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“This is a great testament to what is possible when we just try to protect those who were the most vulnerable, and we don’t give up on them just because they are small or sick,” Hannah said.

“Small Fry and others like her are worth it!”

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Such a beautiful story of tiny kitten rescue!

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