Two Tiny Kittens Found Cuddling Their Injured Sister Get Help From Rescue Group


Megan Sorbara, president of the rescue group Naples Cat Alliance, went out for an ice cream on a hot afternoon when she got news of three kittens cuddling each other. When she went to the site to investigate, she saw that two tiny kittens were closely guarding their sister, who was found to be injured.

The tiny kittens were keeping her warm and safe by curling next to her. Megan then realized that the mother cat is not around and that the kitties were left to fend for themselves.

The tiny kittens were protecting their sister because she has difficulty in walking.

Naples Cat Alliance

Megan then took the kitties to Naples Cat Alliance to care for the siblings, especially for the little one who can’t seem to get her balance.

At NCA, the kittens were given new identities.

Naples Cat Alliance

The tabbies were named Praline and Pistachio and their little sister was named Coconut.

Naples Cat Alliance

Megan made sure that she would dedicate her time to bottle feeding the little ones all day.

It was observed that the tabby kittens didn’t do much but just continue wrapping their sister in a warm embrace. While they were being cared for, NCA staff were hard at work to locate the kitten’s mom and hopefully reunite all of them.

Every night, the dedicated rescuers return to the spot where the three kittens were found to check if a momma cat is lurking nearby. However, their efforts were deemed futile.

For now, the three kittens just have to rely on Megan’s canine friend, Bitsy.

Naples Cat Alliance

The canine happens to be a cat lover.

Naples Cat Alliance

Bitsy has become a foster mom to the three tiny kittens and she’s great at what she does. With Bitsy’s love and care, Coconut is getting healthier and stronger each day.

The three siblings have grown to become healthier kittens.

Naples Cat Alliance

The NCA team didn’t give up on looking for Pistachio, Praline and Coconut’s mom and eventually, their efforts paid off! The three kittens were finally reunited with their beautiful momma, Vanilla Bean.

Here’s Coconut getting some love with her momma.

Naples Cat Alliance

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