Tiny Kittens Meowing For Help After Being Trapped From Wall In Abandoned House [UPDATE]


Kind-hearted people in Fort Worth, Texas have come together to help several kittens trapped inside a wall in an abandoned house.

It all started when residents in the neighborhood heard meows coming from behind the house. It wasn’t just a normal meows as the kittens were crying as they tried so hard to free themselves from the wall.


The residents knew they had to do something quick, so they called the founder of a local animal rescue called The Abandoned Ones (TAO), Judy Obregon.

Obregon, who is known to help abandoned cats and dogs in the area, immediately rushed to the scene and discovered the kittens inside the wall. At first, she thought the little kitties were not going to survive, especially when she did not find the mother cat in the vicinity.

However, to their delight, mama cat suddenly appeared and all their worries about the kittens’ survival ended. Obregon immediately scooped all the kittens one by one and took them to a safe place to recover.


Although nobody can tell how the tiny kittens got into the wall, the rescuers said that they might have gotten in there accidentally after trying to seek shelter from the rain.

“What we do know is we were not leaving them behind!” TAO said on Facebook.


“Momma and kittens are safe and currently decompressing,” Emily Walker, a volunteer with TAO, said to The Dodo.


Although the mother cat and her tiny kittens were saved from a dangerous situation, the cat family is still looking for a foster home. The rescue group will take care of them as of the moment until the kittens are old enough for adoption.


There are millions of homeless kitties in the United States right now and all of them are hoping that someday they will get to experience living in a home with their human family.

“Her babies would not have survived,” TAO wrote on Facebook once the whole family was safe. “Now they have a chance.”


“If you or someone you know lives in the Fort Worth, Texas, area and can offer this lucky family a foster home, contact TAO at taoanimalrescue@yahoo.com.”

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The rescue organization has finally found a foster parent to take care of the kittens and the mama cat.

H/T:The Dodo