Dad Captures Toddler and Cat’s Daily Routine On Tape – And It’s Adorable


A conversation between a Tabby cat and a toddler has been recorded by a spying parent and it could not be any cuter.

Every day, a father always witnesses his little daughter having a mini discussion with their adorable kitty and he has no clue what they are talking about.


“Every day, my daughter and Tabby cat have mini conversations. I have no clue what they talk about, but it is always hilarious. Hope you enjoy as much as I do”

The funny part is both the toddler and the feline appear to understand each other. We can only assume what they are plotting.


“You might think that’s cute, but as I am multilingual in babby and catese, I must inform you that they are plotting to tie you up and hit the fridge,” according to one of the comments on the video.”

Watch the video below:

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