Tortoiseshell Cat With Unusual White Hair Was In Pain Until Volunteers Saved Her


Volunteers from an animal shelter in northern California rescued a stray tortoiseshell cat who was in a really bad shape and desperate for help.

Meet Rogue the former stray kitty!

“We don’t know anything about her previous life before she came to our shelter,” Buffy Martin Tarbox, the communications manager for the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS/SPCA), told The Dodo. “She was brought in to us on January 22 by a person who found her as a stray on the street. She had no ID or microchip.”

Rogue also had the worst case of mange the shelter veterinarians had ever seen, which is why the cat has the unique appearance she has today.

His condition was definitely bad and had caused a lot of pain during her first few weeks at the shelter. Mange is a condition that is caused by microscopic mites that burrow into an animal’s skin, causing very bad case of rashes and irritation.

Although doctors were able to treat her coat’s mange, the painful condition left a mark on Rogue’s appearance. When the fur on her head started to grow back, it wasn’t black or orange, like the rest of her tortoiseshell coat, but totally white.

“She was in bad shape … you could see the open sores on her head,” Tarbox said. “Now she’s completely healed and her hair has grown back solid white. Our lead vet thinks her hair grew back white as a sign of the trauma she’s been through.”

Despite her rough beginnings, Rouge is a sweet tortoiseshell cat with a long happy life ahead of her. She is now healthy and safe.

Rogue’s unusual appearance has definitely helped get her noticed. The cat was later put up for adoption, and after a few days, she was adopted.

“She is an exceptionally sweet cat,” Tarbox said. “And she was just adopted.”

The organization that helped Rogue saves thousands of animals in need every year, including homeless cats and dogs, as well as animals refused by other shelters.

The video below shares some interesting facts about tortoiseshell cats.

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H/T: The Dodo


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