2 Dogs Stopped Eating After Being Separated From War Vet Owner Until Woman Reunites Them

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“Tia and Mariah win the angels of the year award and it’s only January. They volunteer to drive two dogs out to their owner in California after the war vet had to move for a fresh start.”

The two volunteers performed a touching gesture during an episode of Animal planet that quickly went viral.

Joshua is an American war vet.

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The video shows Tia and Mariah helping a war vet reunite with his two dogs. When Tia heard about the story of Joshua, who was having a hard adjusting to civilian life, she did not hesitate to help.

Joshua had two dogs named Panda and Mama, who had stuck with him through his dark times when nobody else would after returning from military life. However, the two loyal dogs were left behind when the war vet was forced to move to California.

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According to the volunteers, the two dogs stopped eating when they realized that their human dad was no longer around.

Panda and Mama stayed in Louisiana while Joshua is in California.

The man dearly missed his two dogs and asked the help of Tia and Mariah to bring them to his new place in California.

The two volunteers did not hesitate to do something about it.

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They drove from Louisiana to California with Panda and Mama, where they got reunited with Joshua.

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The heartwarming reunion between the war veteran and his dogs were caught on tape. It immediately went viral after the footage was posted online by Animal Planet. It was clear that the dogs missed Joshua so much as they kiss him as soon as they see him.

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Panda and Mama are finally eating again. They no longer have to worry about being separated from their owner. They will be together forever.

war vet and his two dogs
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Watch the touching video of the reunion below:

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H/T: Animal Planet