Two Adorable Senior Cats Need New Home Together After Their Owner Died


Two senior cats who have lived together for most of their lives are in danger of being separated for the first time after their owner passed away. The 17- and 18-year-old cats have always been best friends and are now in the care of the RSPCA. Volunteers are hoping that the two will get adopted together because they couldn’t bear to be separated now.

Meet Benny and Mo!


The two beautiful kitties were anxious and sad when they first arrived at the RSPCA office. They didn’t know what just happened after their owner died and they certainly did not have any plan on what they should do about their future.

Fortunately, Benny and Mo had each other to depend on and the animal group thinks that both kitties will be better off adopted together.


“Benny is very loving and loves a fuss, though not as much as Mo, who can try and steal the limelight a bit,” RSPCA Blackberry Farm Animal Center cattery supervisor, Sue James, said in a press release. “Mo absolutely loves being brushed and fussed. Benny has found all the changes since his owner passed away quite scary and is looking forward to a cozy house to relax in.”

Benny and Mo are still waiting for potential adopters since they arrived in August 2017. Shelter staff members are hoping that the two will be given the chance to spend the rest of their lives together with a loving family and a forever home.


Despite their situation, Benny and Mo are still playful and full of energy. According to the people at the shelter, the two adorable cats are as sweet as can be.

They just want to love and be loved again after losing their owner.

“Hi my name is Benny and I am looking for a home with my friend Mo. We are looking for a home where we can enjoy the quiet life. Being older cats we do not want to spend our retirement years in a cattery. We would like a home where we can be loved once more. We hope that we can give a new family great enjoyment.”


“In human years these friendly cats would be in their 80s, but despite their senior years, they are still very bright and agile,” James said.

To know more about these two beautiful kitties, you can contact the RSPCA.


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