Kitten Abandoned By Everyone For Being ‘Too Ugly’ Found Someone Who Saw His Beauty


A tiny ginger kitten was having a hard time finding a loving family that would take care of him because he was said to be “too ugly.” Romeo was born a little different compared to other kitties and that’s why nobody wants to take him home and give him the TLC he deserves until angels stepped in that changes everything for this sweet boy.

Meet the sweet baby kitten, Romeo!

Despite being born with a deformity, Romeo is just as playful and active like any other cat. He is also considered as the sweetest kitten by the people around him.

However, people would just pass up because of his look.

The cat just wanted to be loved and have someone he can call his forever human mom or dad. Because he spent so much time waiting for a potential owner, the cat appeared to be used to the idea that he will spend all of his life at the shelter.

Then the kind hearted people at the Santuario Compasión Animal in Spain decided to step in and gave the adorable Romeo a chance to a furever home.

“While we were headed to a rescue we dealt with the case of this kitten whose appearance was different from the other cats and that’s why the whole world rejected him,” the group said to LoveMeow said.

“They told us that no one wanted him because he was ugly. But for us Romeo is not ugly, he’s a lovely little kitten who likes to play like the rest of the cats. And their differences make them special.”


Romeo is now happy and contended. He finally feels how it is to be like a normal cat.


We are happy for this boy and we hope that he spends all of his life being loved!

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H/T: LoveMeow

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