Two Unique Stray Kittens Rescued; One Begs Rescuer To Adopt Her – So Heartwarming


When the kind hearted woman heard a noise at the nearby construction site, she immediately went there and checked the situation. She did not expect to see two tiny stray kittens, and when one begged her to take them home, she didn’t stand a chance.

Meet the Rorschach cat, Lily!


This beautiful kitty was discovered along with her sister at a construction site. The two kittens were just two days old when they were found by a kind hearted woman. According the nice lady, the other kittens did not survive. If it weren’t for her quick action, Lily and her sister would have died as well.


The woman had to do the right thing, which is to take both kittens home. She nursed Lily and her sister back to health and made sure they get all the medical attention that they needed.

Luckily for the sister kitten, the kind lady was able to find a furever home for her. As for Lily, the cross-eyed kitten didn’t want any human mom but her rescuer.

Two stray kittens rescued!


The beautiful cat did everything that she can to capture the kind woman’s heart. Fortunately for Lily, the lady decided to adopt her.

She can’t let go of Lily, she’s in love with her!


Little Lilly would never spend another day as a stray, she found her furever home.

Today, Lily is all grown up and the five year old kitty developed a unique and larger than life personality.

Lily enjoying her cat condo!


This is how she spends most of her time – relaxing and enjoying life!


She surely knows how to relax and enjoy life.


Who could refuse this face?

stray kittens

We are thankful that Lily has found a loving human mom. We hope that most stray kittens out there will also find a furever home.

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