United Airlines Flies Family’s Dog To Japan By Mistake


United Airlines is yet again involved in another controversy after news broke out about a dog who was supposed to be travelling with his family from Oregon to Wichita, Kansas, was accidently flown to Japan.

A couple of days ago, it was reported that a dog, who was traveling from Houston to New York in a United airplane cabin with his owners, died after airline staff insisted the pet carrier containing the pup be stowed in the overhead compartment for the whole duration of the flight.

United Airline claimed full responsibility of the incident calling in a “tragic accident’ during an official statement. However, the poor dog’s family along with many people is outrage over the incident, calling the company heartless.

“At the end of the flight, the woman found her dog, deceased. She sat in the airplane aisle on the floor crying, and all of surrounding passengers were utterly stunned,” said another passenger named Maggie Gremminger

Now, another family is holding United Airlines to blame after the company mistakenly flew their beloved dog to the other side of the world.

The Swindle family was travelling with their dog named Irgo, a German shepherd, on Tuesday aboard a United Airlines flight. As soon as they landed on the airport, the family immediately went to collect him; however, airline personnel told them that the dog was on another flight.

“I don’t understand how things like this happen … my poor Irgy is now sitting in Japan,” owner Kara Swindle wrote online.

Fortunately, United Airlines employees in Japan were able to locate Irgo at the Japanese airport. The family was also told that the company will not be able to fly the dog back to the US immediately. The pup has already seen a doctor in Japan and he will stay in the country to finish the 2-week quarantine.

United Airlines has already issued a statement, apologizing for the mistake. The company also promised to bring the dog back to his family as soon as he is ready.

However, the family is concerned about the dog’s health saying that he may not be able to survive another long flight

“I don’t know if he’s going to be able to sustain this flight, because he is a 10-year-old dog, and he’s never been on a flight before,” Kara said. “I honestly don’t know if he’s going to survive this flight.”

“My son has been crying all day, because he wants his dog.”

Here’s the official statement from United Airlines.

“An error occurred during connections in Denver for two pets sent to the wrong destinations. We have notified our customers that their pets have arrived safely and will arrange to return the pets to them as soon as possible. We apologize for this mistake and are following up with the vendor kennel where they were kept overnight to understand what happened.”

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Source: The Guardian, KCTV5

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