Unwanted Cat Doesn’t Get Adopted Because He Looked “Funny”, Until Someone Took A Chance


Zeke is a special kitty who was born with defective legs and water in his brain. No one wants to give Zeke a chance to live a normal life because all he is to them is a defective kitty and not a creature with a big hard and the desire to live.

The shelter almost gave up on Zeke but Lisa Jones of the Super Hero’s Animal (SHAHS) Hydrocephalus Society took in 13-week-old Zeke and even saw him as the cutest thing.

Meet the adorable Zeke!

Zeke had a serious case of hydrocephalus or a condition characterized by the presence of fluid in the brain.

As a result, Zeke has a big head and bulging eyes. Despite having hydrocephalus and twisted legs, Zeke didn’t fail to melt everyone’s hearts.

He found his own way around and was able to walk using his elbows. Zeke also surprises people with his abilities and Lisa took to Facebook to let everyone know.

“He romps, rolls, plays and unsuccessfully tried to climb (but it was a good try) and believes his litter box is actually a sandbox and digs and somersaults all around in the litter. How do you correct a behavior that is just beyond adorable? You don’t, you just make sure it’s constantly clean!”

Zeke’s disabilities didn’t stop him from being the silly kitten that he should be. He also found love in Super Hero, SHAHS’ figurehead, who’s also a hydrocephalic cat.

Lisa said that Super Hero has been taking care of Zeke the cat and watches out for him constantly like he’s his own brother.

hydrocephalus cat

“Super Hero has taken Zeke under his wing and watches out for him like a little brother. If Zeke is going somewhere he isn’t supposed to be, Hero herds him back into the room or redirects his attention by gently tapping him with his paw.”

Now, the cat is all grown up and just look how amazing and handsome he’s become.

Zeke knows so well that he has all the love he needs.

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H/T: Facebook, LoveMeow