Unwanted Kitty Finally Gets Adopted And He Shows His Human Dad What True Love Is


Monty the cat waited three years before being adopted. He is the sweetest kitty but previous potential adopters passed on the opportunity to bring him home because of his abnormality.

Meet the pawsome cat Monty

Monty / Facebook

Monty was born without a nasal bridge due to a chromosomal abnormality, which also gives him a strange appearance compared to normal cats. He also sneezes more than a normal feline and his different look may have discouraged people from giving him a forever home.

This adorable kitty has captured the hearts of millions. He is quite a celebrity today.

Monty / Facebook

However, a kind-hearted man decided to take a chance on him and brought him to his family. After three long years, Monty has finally felt what it is like to sleep in a bed with a human dad.


The adorable feline and his new owner took footage of their normal sleeping routine and it captured the whole world.


Watch the adorable video below:

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Source: Monty / Facebook

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