Nobody Wanted This Sweet Cat Because He Is ‘Too Playful,’ Then He Finds Love


An adorable cat spent a lengthy time at a local shelter at Marysville, Washington because nobody wanted to adopt him. Apparently, the cat is “too playful” for potential pet owners who came by the center. Thankfully, a kind-hearted couple decided to take a chance on him and it changed everything for him.

Meet the playful cat, Rascal!

The former stray cat was rescued on the streets of Marysville and spent most of his time in a kennel at the shelter. He was scared and confused hoping for someone to give him a furever home.

He was getting a bit desperate until a local rescue group Purrfect Pals noticed him. According to the group, the cat had this sad look in his face and they knew help must be done enable to save him from his misery.

“He is feisty, extremely mischievous and his name is a true reflection of his character,” Purrfect Pals told Love Meow.

When Purrfect Pals decided to let Rascal live with a foster parent, his behavior began to change. He became very playful after getting lots of TLC from the people surrounding him.


Rascal would never stop making everyone around him laugh. He is just a natural born entertainer.

When he was ready for adoption, the handsome boy was put in a cage at the center to meet potential pet owners. However, his demeanor quickly changed until the staff realized that Rascal didn’t want to be put in a kennel.

Potential adopters would immediately ignore poor Rascal after knowing that this kitty is not much of a cuddler.

Volunteers were having a hard time searching for a potential human parent for Rascal because most of the people thought that all he wanted to do is just play all day. Rascal was basically just wanted to be himself.

Little did Rascal know, his life was about to change!

A lovely couple named Cerise and Jim were captured by his story and they immediately fall in love with him.

“When Jim heard that nobody wanted him, he said Rascal was meant to be with them and they came and took him home on April 25, 2015,” the group told Love Meow.

“Rascal is the type of cat that probably would have been returned to the shelter multiple times, just for being himself. Mr. Wild got extremely lucky: his forever family accepts and loves him just the way he is.”

A couple of years later, nothing much has changed. Rascal is still the same playful and active kitty. The only difference now is that he got loving parents that are willing to do everything to make him happy

“When Rascal is not bouncing off the walls, he plays a game where he exposes his belly, luring people into pet his enticing soft belly – but it’s a TRAP!

“Don’t fall for it. The belly may look soft and fuzzy but it’s a trap!”

Don’t fall for it. The belly may look soft and fuzzy but it’s a trap!

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Rascal makes everyone happy and his parents are extremely proud of him.

playful cat Rascal

“Call it luck, destiny, a fortunate stroke of serendipity, or fate: Rascal has his forever home with folks who love him and have promised to keep him forever – that makes him one happy boy!”

H/T: Instagram, Love Meow

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