Winnie the Kitten Is Quiet Until She Hears ‘Uptown Funk’ And Starts To Dance [Video]

Winnie the Kitten

Have you ever seen a kitten who dances like Michael Jackson or Bruno Mars? Probably not!

Meet Winnie the Kitten!!!

Winnie the Kitten

It’s not only us humans who love to dance to catchy pop songs because cats can also move it better than most of us.

Winnie the Kitten

Winnie is one of a kind. Her dancing video has now reached over five million views on YouTube and it’s only a matter of time before this kitty conquers Holly stardom.

Although Winnie the cat didn’t really have the best start in life, the sweet kitty definitely has a positive energy. She’s sweet, affectionate and playful.

Winnie the Kitten

Winnie the kitten always loves to play with her siblings! Although there is no rivalry between them, it’s pretty clear that Winnie gets the best dancer trophy.

Winnie the Kitten

Winnie was found abandoned by some kind-hearted people and turned over to a rescue group called Animal Welfare League of Arlington. She is now being fostered along with five other abandoned kittens by Shelter Cats and Kittens.

Winnie the Kitten + Bruno Mars’ sing = Awesomeness!

Winnie the Kitten

Watch the video below:

“This is our adorable foster kitten, Winnie, dancing to Mark Ronson’s and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk.”

Winnie made millions of people happy and many more will be happier if we share her story.

Winnie the Kitten has the right idea for today…MOL.

winnie the kitten
Winnie the Kitten

The cat really knows how to entertain…

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