Woman Walks Into A Shelter And Asked For The ‘Least Adoptable’ Cat


Most people look for a shelter animal with a particular trait that appeals to them. But for one woman, the “least adoptable” cat is the best cat to pick. The woman walked into the shelter and made an unexpected request, surprising all the staff at the shelter.

The woman came to Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to look for a cat who can’t seem to get a forever home. And she met Precious.

Precious is a blind and deaf senior cat.

Morris Animal Refuge

Precious was already 15 years old when she became a resident at Morris Animal Refuge. Besides being blind and deaf, the feline also has a heart murmur and hyperthyroidism.


Despite Precious’ health issues, she never fails to be a sweet and loving girl to humans. She enjoys warm cuddles and she purrs a lot. The rescue group said that the senior cat needs prescription diet and of course, somebody to love her. Precious enjoys the attention given to her and she’s always affectionate.

Since Precious is already a senior, she isn’t as efficient in grooming as she was during her younger years.

Woman walks into a shelter looking for the least adoptable cat.
Morris Animal Refuge

Precious needs assistance in keeping herself fresh and clean. She feels lonely so one of the volunteers at the shelter would sit with her and brush her coat. But it would be wonderful if Precious would have a family of her own who would pay more attention to her.

This “least adoptable” cat is enjoying a grooming session.

Morris Animal Refuge

Precious has seen shelter animals go home to a forever home but she was patiently waiting for hers, until this woman arrived two months later. When the woman was specifically looking for the “least adoptable” feline, staff shelters knew they had to get Precious.

When Precious met the woman who would adopt her, she immediately went to her and snuggled close.

Morris Animal Refuge

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