Woman Adopts Two Tiny Kittens After Hearing One Meowing Nonstop For The Other

Alana Hadley

Two tiny kittens were found wandering the streets right before New Year’s Eve and were immediately taken to the nearest animal shelter. When a kind-hearted woman decided to adopt one of the kittens, the little fella meowed nonstop, which forced the woman to go back to the shelter to get the tiny kitty’s little sister so they could be together.

Meet the two adorable tiny kittens, Ares and Aphrodite!

Wisconsin Humane Society

Early this year, Alana Hadley went to Wisconsin Humane Society, the Door County Campus and met the little ginger boy, Ares. It was definitely loved at first sight. “He looks exactly like my cat that passed away,” Alana told Love Meow.

“Her family was also very interested in adopting Aphrodite as well, however, she had another application pending her adoption,” Wisconsin Humane Society said.

That night, Ares was very needy and kept meowing until he fell asleep in Alana’s arms. “He was almost non-stop meowing until he went to sleep and then meowed again when he was awake (most likely calling out for his sister),” Alana added. “We thought he missed her and was grieving being taken away from her.”

Alana Hadley

Alana got him stuffed animals to provide some much-needed comfort.

The following day Alana was informed by someone from the shelter that the adoption for Aphrodite fell through and she immediately brought Ares to the shelter to reunite him with his beloved sister.

Alana Hadley

“They wouldn’t stop playing,” Alana said to Love Meow.

“The two best friends were running around the room, chasing each other and having the time of their lives.”

Alana Hadley

Alana and her family decided to adopt both tiny kittens so they could be together forever.

“They are very attention-seeking cats and loving,” Alana told Love Meow.

Alana Hadley

“They both love to cuddle and purr like crazy when we are holding them. They sleep most of the day and they cuddle each other when they nap,” Alana said.

These tiny kittens just wanted to love and be loved.

Alana Hadley

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H/T: LoveMeow

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