Woman Lost Cat and Home to California Wildfire Until She Heard A Familiar Meow From Afar

Laura Ringenberger

Many families have lost their homes in one of the worst wildfires in Napa, California. One family not only lost their house from the fire, their beloved cat has also gone missing.

Laura Ringenberger had already lost her hopes of finding the cat when she decided to return to her neighborhood. “She and her neighbors lost their homes on Soda Canyon Road, California. Wednesday was the first time Laura was able to look for the family’s missing cat and something special happened.”

Laura Ringenberger

Ringenberger immediately searched for her beloved cat as soon as she arrived in the neighborhood last Wednesday. The devastating wildfire had engulfed the whole area and the aftermath of the tragedy made Ringenberger cry.

She started calling out her beloved cat named Kitty Kitty Star with hopes of seeing her. She was already about to give up when suddenly she heard a familiar meow.

Kitty Kitty Star is alive!!!

Laura Ringenberger

“She came out about 20 minutes after we got there. I called for her for a while. Eventually, I heard her off in the distance, crying. It was really surreal,” Laura told Love Meow.

“The fact that she was OK, and she was right there. It was a crazy moment.”

“I have never heard her so vocal,” Laura said. “I felt relieved because I would’ve had the guilt for the rest of my time, had I not found her.”

Laura Ringenberger

The cat was excited to see her human mom and she immediately curled up in her arms after Ringenberger picked her up.

Seeing the cat being reunited with her human mom after a terrible tragedy was pretty heartwarming.

Although the family has lost everything, Ringenberger said that they considered themselves lucky to have survived the wildfire.

Ringenberger’s daughter was so happy to see Kitty Kitty Star again.

Laura Ringenberger

The family is currently rebuilding their home and soon they will have to face the reality of starting all over again.

Laura Ringenberger

One thing for sure, the whole family along with their beloved cat will move on together.

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Missing cat California wildfire
Laura Ringenberger

H/T: Love Meow