Woman Does Nicest Thing For Neighbor’s Dog Who Always Jumps Up To Say “Hello”


“An open heart and sense of compassion are often all it takes to overcome the barriers that divide us — but sometimes a power drill helps, too.”

A woman in California did something really sweet to make it a bit easier for her neighbor’s dog to visit with her and her dog every single day. Because of her tall wooden fence that separated her properties from the family next door, the adorable dog, named Penny, has been spending so much energy just to say hello to her lovely neighbor.

“Got tired of the neighbor’s German Shepherd jumping to peek over the fence so I made her a peeking spot,” Jennifer Bowman wrote online. “I think she likes it.”

Now, Penny does not have to spend that much energy just to have a glimpse of her favorite neighbors Bowman drilled three holes on their fence so Penny can get a full view into their yard. She loves it!

neighbor’s dog

Bowman posted the video of the dog peeking through the holes and it went viral, spreading like a wildfire.

“Jennifer. your small act of kindness made me sob. In the rescue world, we see so much abuse and neglect. Thank you for being a kind person.”

If only all neighbors were so sweet.

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H/T: The Dodo