Kind Woman Spends Night In Dog Shelter To Accompany A Lonely Dying Pup


A kind-hearted woman fell in love with a dying dog who only had a few days to live.

“The first thing I noticed with him was his eyes,” Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, said during an interview The Dodo. “He looked exhausted — like he was ready to give up the fight.”

Meet Watson!

Watson was rescued by a college student from the dangerous street of Philadelphia last week. The poor dog was immediately rushed to the animal clinic after being found in a very terrible condition. He was emaciated and covered in infected sores and had a large, cancerous tumor on his hind leg.

Unfortunately, the doctors could no longer do anything as the cancer had already taken over.

Watson was transferred to the shelter where he lived alone hoping for someone to sit with him while he struggles to survive his illness. There was really nothing anybody can do but to make him a little comfortable by giving him extra loving care.

“I had a gut feeling that things weren’t going to be good the next day,” Guido said. “I didn’t want to leave him alone. Not when he needed me the most.”

On Wednesday night, the kind woman decided to stay with Watson. She gathered up a pile of blankets and dog beds and laid them down in the laundry room at the rescue. She lay down with the dying dog, put her arms around him and gently talked to him.

He fell right to sleep — and Guido stayed there with the dying dog all night.

“Home is where your heart is. And tonight my heart is with you”

“He slept like a rock all night, cuddled up to me so tight,” Guido said. “I cried myself to sleep, and woke up in tears as well.”

At that moment, Watson finally felt what it was like to have someone giving him TLC.

The next day, Watson was so weak to even eat or drink. He looked tired and was ready to go. He passed away soon after, but his last night with Guido was probably his best ever.

Everyone at the shelter felt bad that Watson had to go through pain and suffering before finding true love.

“I’m just so thankful I was able to hold him tight for his last night,” Guido said. “I was telling him how much he was loved — and that his life mattered. My heart is breaking, but I would not change a thing.”

Watch Watson’s video below:

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Source: The Dodo

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