Woman with Life Threatening Illnesses Goes out Every day To Care for 80 Homeless Cats

Aine Doley

A kind-hearted woman did not allow her serious health problems to get in the way of caring more than 80 homeless cats in Germantown, Philadelphia.

Meet the ultimate cat lover, Pat Frederick!

Aine Doley

Pat is suffering from congestive heart failure, kidney disease, gout, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, gout, osteoporosis, and colitis.

“I just love them, and I know that no one else would take care of them,” Frederick told The Dodo. “I enjoy being with them and protecting them. I know I’m helping them, but it’s helping me because it gives me a purpose.”

Aine Doley

Pat has been taking care of these homeless cats for about eight years. Despite her illness, she always finds a way to feed and spends time with the skinny, malnourished strays. When her health problem got worse, she moved back to Philadelphia from Chicago so her parents could help her as she underwent medical treatments.

“I felt sorry for them,” Frederick said. “They didn’t really have anyone to take care of them, and no one was feeding them. As a matter of fact, people had been poisoning them and killing them because they were upset that the cats were breaking into their garbage bags and eating the garbage.”

Facebook/Pat Frederick

Although she did not have enough experience handling feral kitties, she adopted two of them when her 15-year-old cat Phoebe died.

She named them Winston and Harry.

Aine Doley

“The emergency vet called me and told me about two cats they had trapped on a farm out in the suburbs, and they thought I would be a good mother for the cats,” Frederick said. “I had never heard about feral cats.”

Pat waited a few years before Winston and Harry allowed her to touch them.

“They taught me how to appreciate feral cats,” she said.

Aine Doley

Not only does Pat feed and care for homeless cats, she also finds them potential adopters that are willing to give them forever homes.

“I try to get the ones who are not afraid of people off the streets so they won’t be hurt,” Frederick said, explaining that people will sometimes turn on the homeless animals. “I’ve had cats who were taken by the paws and thrown into the air, and BB guns shot at them.”

Aine Doley

Despite having little time to spend outside, Pat would always make sure each cat in the area gets to eat.

“It takes about two hours to get all the trays of food together for all the cats — I give them dry and also wet food,” Frederick said. “And it takes about three to four hours to feed everyone.”

Aine Doley

“Usually, after I’ve gone to a couple locations, I’m out of breath,” she said. “So I take a little break, then get up and [keep] doing it again.”

Sometimes Pat does not have enough resources to feed and care for the homeless cats since she also has to spend money for her own set of medicines. Thankfully, she gets donations from other people who believe in her cause.

Aine Doley

“I take out money to pay for the medication for my heart, but besides that, I don’t buy anything,” Frederick said. “I don’t do anything and I don’t go anywhere. I cut my own hair because I don’t have the money to — I could spend the money to do those kinds of things, but then I wouldn’t have money to have cat food.”

Pat is also an active volunteer for Pennsylvania SPCA and Best Friends Animal Society.

“Pat is one of those people who dedicates herself 110 percent,” Kris Papiernik and Kia Griffin, cat rescuers and the women behind Kolony Kats, told The Dodo. “Always going above and beyond. Without Pat, so many cats would be overbreeding, starving, and struggling to survive on the streets. She is a true hero.”

Pat is a true superhero!

Facebook/Pat Frederick

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