Working Student Rescued Hundreds Of Stray Cats – She’s Not Stopping Anytime Soon


A beautiful young lady named Zanda Indriksone developed a passion for helping stray cats two years ago. A working student in his home country of Latvia, Indriksone has helped more than 350 stray cats and she’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Meet Zanda Indriksone!

Although Indriksone does not have any proper education about animals, she got knowledge about cats, their health, and nature from her own personal experience.

“For example , I am going down the street – when I see a cat, I just can not pass away,” says Indriksone. “The first thing I do is take the cat to the vet so the vet could check cat’s health and determine cats age,” explains Indriksone.

Because of her kindness, several volunteers in the area have also started to help cats and provide them temporary homes. She inspires a lot of people not to ignore these abandoned kitties who are desperate for some love and affection.

The cats normally stay at foster homes until they get all the medical attention needed. Indriksone and her group can easily find potential adopters in the area who are also willing to give these stray cats the opportunity to experience living with loving families.

“If cats condition is good and the cat is healthy, there can be a chance to find a home within half an hour. This mainly happens in the summer. Longest time cat spent in temporary home was about a month, but this when cat required special treatment.” comments Zanda.

Here are some of the stray cats she had helped who are living with their loving families today.

This kitty is definitely happy to live in his furever home!

So sweet…

Indriksone also decided to join a non-profit organization called Cat Care Community. The team’s objective is to help abandoned cats and build wooden houses for them.

This girl is not only gorgeous; she has the most beautiful heart in the world.

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H/T: Zanda’s Facebook | Cat Care Community’s Facebook

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