World’s “Saddest” Cat Spent a Year at Shelter Finally Finds a Loving Family


The world’s saddest cat now has all the reason in the world to be happy – she has found a furever home and a family that is willing to give her unconditional love.

Meet the saddest cat, Tucker!

Although, she is not necessarily sad, Tucker has a genetic abnormality that gives her a sad expression and perpetually droopy eyes. However, this adorable kitty is also having some difficulty finding a loving family.

Fortunately for this lady, her story went viral and support from cat lovers all over the world came pouring. Pet owners from nearby areas started calling the animal shelter as they hope to adopt Tucker.

Tucker has been at the shelter for quite some time so it is pretty heartwarming for the people who took care of her to know that potential adopters have begun to pour.

“We see a lot of cats here but she just melted the hearts of everybody. Oh, from day one.”

Apart from her facial abnormality, the world’s saddest cat has suffered several medical issues including paw deformity due to some missing bones in her front legs. She also can’t play too much as it will make her bone joints to pop out.

Despite her imperfection, Tucker is a loving and affectionate kitty, which makes her a perfect house cat.

“Tucker enjoys sitting on laps and playing with string toys! She also loves to be pet under the chin and behind the ears and is great with children.”

Katie Fox, Tucker’s new mom, fully understood her situation and she is will to provide all of her medical needs.

Tucker, back when she was still a kitten.

“We adore every cat that comes through but she definitely stole everyone’s hear here,” Connie Gabelein, the executive direct of Purrfect Pals, said of Tucker. “On the day that she was adopted I felt so bad for the adopter, because every single person at the shelter had to come in and say goodbye and hug her and — she’s such a sweet little cat.”

“She plays with toys, she chases me and my husband … she purrs and she cuddles, she does have genetic abnormalities, but she feels good, she is not in any pain at all, she’s a very happy cat. She might look sad but she’s very happy,” Fox said.

“Disappointed Face! Tucker is mad at mom, for taking those extra shifts at work, and not posting more frequently. At least we get our morning snuggles in every day.”

Gabelein hopes that Tucker’s story will inspire other potential pet owners to adopt and not shop as stray cats continue to pour at shelters all over the world.

Tucker with her new friend!

“We have a lot of cats here who are over the age of 10 and don’t necessarily show well, they’re shy, they’re depressed, so it’s — yeah, the cute kittens always go first,” she said. “Definitely. But there are a lot of kitties in shelters all over the world that really need homes.”

saddest cat

You can follow Tucker on her Facebook page, Tucker

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H/T: ABC News

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