This Sweet One Could Be The New World’s Oldest Cat – He Is Adorable

Teddy KittyCat

The oldest cat in the world, Nutmeg, has recently passed away and cat lovers all over the world are wondering who would replace his throne.

The old kitty lived a happy life with his human family until his passing at age 32, which is equivalent to 144 in cat years.


Now, cat lovers all over that world are looking at this 26 year old kitty in Werribee, Australia as the one to get the oldest cat title. Although not official, his owner, Fran English, believes that his beloved feline will soon get the throne.

Meet Teddy the unofficial oldest cat in the world!

Teddy KittyCat

English took Teddy home in 2014 after his former owner could no longer take care of him. The new owner was shocked when he discovered through Teddy’s microchip that the cat was born in 1991.

Despite his old age, Teddy is in good shape. He loves to play around the garden and always has a time for a quick run every day.

Teddy KittyCat

The long-haired black cat also has an uncanny affinity to water. He loves to have a shower after some playful time in the garden.

He used to try and get in the shower with me so I decided to let him get in one day and it just took off from there,” Fran told Yahoo News.

Shower time!!!

Earlier this summer, Teddy was diagnosed with arthritis and he now takes medicine every day to keep him active and comfortable. He also loves to eat canned tuna and kangaroo meat.

Teddy KittyCat

Teddy’s behavior is definitely surprising for his age – he is remarkably young at heart.

Teddy KittyCat

I might be 26 years old but I’ve still got my teeth

Teddy KittyCat

We hope that Teddy will surpass Nutmeg’s record and live a happy life for many more years.

Teddy KittyCat

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